Michael Champion Construction - You Dream It, We Build It
At Michael Champion Construction, we pride ourselves in providing you with quality built homes and custom remodels. Unlike many construction companies, no job is too small for us! We cover everything from leaky roofs and faulty foundations to replacing a door or repainting a wall. We work with a team of experienced and trustworthy sub-contractors that are ready to assist you in any repair or new construction at your home. Our team of sub-contractors consists of: electrical needs, plumbing, painting, landscape and concrete designers, and several more. If you would like to change the look of your home, install a retaining wall, revamp your driveway, or add a stamped or decorative sidewalk we are here to bring you the best. 

We are now proud to offer our Property Management services. This includes weekly check-ups on vacation homes, pictures, and any other maintenance required. We provide flexible options, including monthly and yearly plans covering everything you could possibly need. Please visit our website at:www.managewnc.com

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